Hey mama...So happy that you're here.

I'm Jayme. I'm a wife to one + mom to two tween girls.

When I started this blog in 2008, I was all about the optimism and positivity. About how to be a positive parent and intentional mom.

Back then, my kids were still toddlers and I would write about how I was raising them, dealing with their tantrums and balancing motherhood with everything else.

My little family in 2010.

After 5 years of blogging, I stopped and archived everything.

And after a 5 - year hiatus, here I am again.

So much has changed since I last wrote here.

My girls are now tweens which comes with its own set of quirks and challenges.

I wish I could say I am even more loving, positive, optimistic and patient than ever before. But truth is, I am not.

On most days, I am grateful that motherhood is moving me to become a better human being.

We're all "grown up".

On some days though, when the bickerings are escalating, the anxiety is overflowing and problems are piling one on top of the other, I don't want to be a mother.

I want to hide from it all and curl up under the covers.

On days like these, sometimes optimism works to get me out of a slump.

But after more than a decade, I've realized something that helps me get through the "this parenting thing is so hard" feeling.

It has become a mantra that drowns out the "I'm not cut out for motherhood" voices in my head and lifts me up every time:

You're doing the best you can. And now is always the best time to start over.

Optimommy has become more than just about optimism for me.

It's about optimizing motherhood — making the best of everything as I navigate this journey of "wife-ing", of "mothering" and of simply being a human being.

I share stories about...

  • Optimizing my time as I juggle everything I have to do for our home, my husband and my kids

  • Making the most of my energy so I can take care of everyone, including myself

  • Practicing mindfulness so I can remember that I am a loving, patient and intentional mom, when I choose to be

Aside from writing, I geek out on paper + planning so I also share the printables I've designed to help you optimize your home, family and personal life.

And when I've got something more in-depth to share, I facilitate workshops and courses, too.

When you need a little breathing space, feel free to drop by and hang out here when you need to.

I can't promise to give you expert advice or the best tips ever.

But whenever you go here, I intend that, as you read my stories, you'll feel some reassurance that you're not alone. That we're all in this together.

We're all just doing the best we can. And that is enough.

You won't be the most perfect mom in the world. I don't think anyone should ever aspire to be.

But I believe you're the best mom in your family's world.

You will always be.

Here's to you, beautiful mama.