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How to make 2013 your best year ever

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A beautiful mess
“Are you ready to go running?” my husband asked, fresh from his afternoon nap.

“Umm… no,” I said as I continued cutting and pasting photos on my journal.

I was sitting quietly at the dining area, my magazines, markers, glue and journals scattered in a beautiful mess on the table.

My girls were at school and I didn’t have work so I decided to use the quiet time and continue creating pages for my vision journal.

I wanted to finish it and I was on a roll.

Sure, I wanted to go running, it was on my list after all. But I wanted to do it on another day.

Clearly, my husband wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. He knew I had to go running. Like immediately.

I’ve been feeling a persistent pain in my back for days and I couldn’t figure out how I got it.

My husband only had one diagnosis, “You’ve been sedentary for the past weeks, that’s why.”

And I was. I haven’t hit the gym for months and I think I only ran once in December.

But I thought I could run another day. Not now when I’m in the middle of something important.

A few minutes later, my girls arrived and my husband found a more convincing strategy.

“Who wants to go to UP?” he asked the girls.

“Me! Me!” the girls chorused.

I felt slightly annoyed. Way to go hubby, you know I can’t not go with you when the kids say yes.

I was tempted to snap at them and tell them to just go ahead without me.

Then I paused. And the words on my journal flashed before me.

I want to feel light.
I want to feel present
Run once a week.
Plan to have fun everyday.

My better, higher self was reminding me of the intentions I set for myself this year.

“Are you going with us Mommy?” Jamaine asked.

“Okay,” I said, just a little bit half-hearted.

Minutes later, I was running around the oval, savoring the cold air on my face, marveling at the blue and orange sky as the sun set in the horizon.

I ran 5 kilometers and I was drenched. I. Felt. So Good.

I felt so good
When I came back to our little picnic area, the kids were playing tag with their dad. I joined them for a mini race.

“This is fun, Mom! Can we do this everyday?” Jamaine asked.

“I can’t promise everyday, baby. But we’ll set another picnic and running date, okay?”

“Okay Mommy!”

When we got home, I felt rejuvenated. And not surprisingly, my back pain has subsided a little. I do feel I need to run some more.

I’m grateful my hubby was persistent about making me run.

I’m happy that I listened to my inner guidance and I chose to say “yes” to something that was clearly good for me.

That, my lovely mommies, is the power of an intention.

When you write it down and commit to it, God gives you opportunities and helpers to fulfill your intention. And your beautiful and wise Self will remind you to stay on track and nudge you in the right direction.

And did I mention, this applies to your BIG BEAUTIFUL DREAMS too?

The ugly side of setting goals

I was in highschool when I started setting goals. I was already immersing myself in personal development books and I was starting to learn the concept of creating your own future.

Back then, I had one simple goal: to pass and graduate from the university of my choice. Which I did. I wasn’t at all surprised that I was able to accomplish it. I expected I would.

After graduating from college, I continued to list goals and make resolutions every New Year. Some goals would come true while some would fall by the wayside.

Adulthood brings with it a certain sense of cynicism. And as I got lost in the rat race of my first career, I shifted to auto pilot mode and lost focus on my dreams.

Until four years ago, after an extremely life – changing turning point, I decided to take back control of my life and consciously chart where I was headed.

A week before that year ended, I gathered with my closest friends and huddled in the coffee shop to talk about how we wanted our lives to change in the next year.

I listed their goals and dreams in my old pocket Moleskine journal and I made them sign their pages.

Our lives have since undergone big, beautiful transformations. And yet when we look back on the lists we made, there’s the ugly face of unaccomplished to do’s and unfulfilled goals staring back at us.

And you know how we are right? There’s this strange quirk we have to notice the ones we didn’t get instead of the ones we already have.

The beauty of intentions

I first came across the idea of having a word of the year from an old blog post by Christine Kane. I liked the idea of having a theme that you will live by for the months to come.

I came up with my first word in the last week of 2011. I wanted my 2012 to be all about “Abundance”.

And looking back at the past year, amid all the challenges, I did experience abundance not just in my pocket but also in opportunities, life lessons, challenges and most importantly, relationships. Dreams were indeed fulfilled.

As 2012 ended, I decided I wanted to be more purposeful and deliberate about how I lived in 2013. I wanted to supercharge my word and level it up to the height of intention.

I feel that setting an intention goes beyond numbers, to do lists and due dates.

Intention becomes more about who you are and who you are becoming, than what you do.

When you start with an intention, everything you do becomes meaningful, purposeful and inspired.

My intention for 2013

The moment I sat down to reflect on my intention for the year, it just came to me in a flash:


It feels good to say it.

I can see a plant breaking out of the soil and reaching toward the sky.

I want my relationships to grow.

I want my spirit to elevate.

I want my health to prosper.

I want my heartwork to increase its reach and impact.

In 2013, I intend to grow and thrive in every area of my life.

Want to make 2013 your best year ever?

Set an intention.

Then use that intention to guide you as you create your goals.

Rather than focusing on the details and due dates of what you want to achieve, focus on what you want to become. Because that is what really matters. Because that is what will remain.

I was telling my bestfriend years ago how I realized that getting what you thought you wanted did not mean you would be happy in the end.

When your happiness depends on achieving things, it becomes a fleeting thing.

When what you wanted didn’t turn out how you thought it would be. Or when it is gone and it fades away, it leaves you with an empty unsatiable feeling that will always want for more.

And when we really drill down, deep down our desires and why we want what we want, it’s always because we think it will make us happy.

How about we start with happiness first?

When our happiness comes from within, we will carry it with us, no matter what we have (or don’t have) and wherever we go.

How to choose an intention

How do you want to feel his year?

What do you want to become?

Start from there.

Choose whatever feels right to you. Whatever makes you feel alive.

Then using your intention as a guide, ask yourself:

“How am I already living this intention now?”

Recognize that whatever you want is already inside you. And you are already experiencing it in one way or another.

It’s just that this year, you’re going to invite more of it into your life.

That’s when the second question comes in:

“How do you want to experience more of your intention in your life?”

Open your mind and set your desires free. Now is as good as any time to dream more dreams.

And just in case you’re wondering, it’s not yet too late. It never is.

Ready to create your best life?

You can choose to reflect about these questions in your thoughts or you may write them down on paper. Choose whatever works for you.

Here’s a little tip: I have found great magic in writing words down, that’s why I continue to do it until today.

So for the rest of January, I’ll be writing more about what I am doing to create an intentional year for me and my family.

I’ll be sharing more about my vision journal, inspiration boards and some exciting plans I’m dreaming up for Optimommy.

Have you chosen your intention or word of the year for 2013 yet?

Do share them in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

Wishing you much love and blessings,

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  • ceemee February 5, 2013, 9:52 am

    Hi Jayme! How have you been?
    I love the feeling of accomplishment, being detoxified and feeling less heavy after exercise. But, with me, taking that step towards exercising is so hard (I’m so lazy!), even though I know the benefits I will reap after. *sigh* Do you live near UP? I want to take the kids there every Sunday afternoon. If only we live nearer, I’d walk with them to my alma mater. 🙂
    I love the scrapbook type of vision boards! I wish to have a scrapbook for each of my children when they’re a bit older, like their own dream books for each stage of their life. 🙂
    ceemee recently posted..Reminder To Shine, Cymplified!

    • Optimommy February 21, 2013, 1:25 pm

      Hey Ceemee, my days have been quite full, good thing I’ve got a little break today, that’s why I’m catching up on replying to comments here on the blog. Yes, we do live near UP and we bring the kids there too. I know what you mean about exercising, I don’t do it regularly myself even if I know that I should. 😉 Have you tried doing a personal vision journal and board? Martine, Ginger and I were thinking of doing a visioning workshop soon. Maybe we could all do it together. 😉

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