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Happy New Year! A birthday post

Happy New Year! A birthday post post image
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To me, that is.

It’s my birthday today. Yay!

I’ve always considered January a transition month and the seventh of February my personal new year.

I told myself I’ll do everything I love to do today and blogging is one of them. This post is totally unplanned so bear with my stream of consciousness writing.

This blog and all of you are a very special part of my life, and I just want to hang out here and share this special day with you.

A new chapter begins

Whenever I celebrate my birthday, that’s when it dawns on me that it is indeed time to write a new chapter in my life.

It comes with much excitement and a hint of trepidation.

A few days ago, I’ve been in a funk, having mixed feelings of anxiety, self – doubt and self – pity. I wasn’t sure why I had this onslaught of feelings.

But I guess I could trace the roots back to the fact that I’m growing older. And there’s this self – imposed pressure, a standard of achievement I felt I was supposed to reach.

So you’re 31, what have you got to show for yourself?

It wasn’t a nice experience at all, but I had to face it.

I realized how we can be our own worst enemies. We sabotage ourselves. We beat ourselves up over our perceived failures.

Thankfully, I’ve started my 40 – day journey using “May Cause Miracles” and I’m learning a lot, a whole lot, about self – love.

Today’s lesson was all about self-gratitude — appreciating yourself for who you are and being grateful for every moment.

It was a much needed and timely reminder as my birthday began.

As I celebrate my new year, I am grateful for everything that has passed and everything that is yet to come.

I am ready to start again.

What is to come

I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and visioning for the past weeks.

And I’ve been dreaming up big plans for the future of Optimommy.

One of the more immediate plans is to write here more regularly, so I finally did something that I never did before. I drafted an editorial calendar. For the whole year.

I was smiling for days because it felt good to finally do it.

As much as I wanted to be intentional about living my life, I also wanted that intention to be reflected here. Drawing up that calendar will give me inspiration and direction as I write here for you.

I will have themes for every month and intentions for every week.

For the month of February, the theme is Self Care because that is where it all begins.

Will I see you this year?

One of the biggest highlights of 2012 was the first ever “Yes Mommy” Workshop held last December.

And the good news is, Mommy Ginger of Manila Workshops and I will be holding another one in October!

I love writing for you here and talking with you through the comments, via Twitter and Facebook.

And I love, love meeting you in person even more and hearing about your stories and learning from you. That’s why I will continue to have workshops this year.

No matter how high tech we get, for me, nothing beats gathering with a group of kindred spirits and fostering real connections offline.

There’s another idea for a mommy gathering that’s been floating in my head for quite awhile.

Have you ever been to a visioning retreat?

I really enjoyed the visioning session I did with my friends this year and I do believe its power to bring more of what we want in our lives.

I was telling Mommy Ginger that I was thinking of doing it with a select group of moms. It will be like a retreat where we can focus on personal as well as physical wellness.

We’ll talk about how to eat consciously, get healthy, maybe get some massages and spa treatments. Then we’ll do the big beautiful inner work of creating our visions for ourselves and for our families.

I am getting excited just thinking about it.

If you feel this is something you’d love to be part of, sign up to the Optimommy mailing list so I can update you when it’s ready.

And of course, feel free to send me your suggestions too. Maybe we could all plan it together.

Building community

On top of all of these, one of my big goals this year is to reach out to more moms and build the Optimommy community. And that’s where I’ll need your help.

If you know of other moms who may need some inspiration or encouragement, lead them to this little home of mine. We can also hang out together at Twitter or on the Optimommy Facebook page.

And thank you to you dear mommies for continuing to visit me here, for reading my posts and for leaving very thoughtful comments.

My intention is you’ll always find comfort, inspiration and encouragement here, just when you need it the most.

Thank you for letting me hang out with you today.


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